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Jeppesen and Virgin Australia announce Crew Operations agreement

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, will provide Virgin Australia with its Crew Tracking solution through a new service agreement.

The Jeppesen crew management tool will help the airline monitor and resolve changes or disruptions to set crew schedules.

Virgin Australia General Manager, Operations Planning, Shane Lord said:

“Efficient crew management is a key focus for us. Jeppesen’s Crew Tracking solution will help us minimise the impact of disruptions in real time.”

Jeppesen Crew Tracking helps airlines detect, resolve and follow up on changes made to previously published crew schedules. The system alerts airlines in real-time with updated information on numerous crew scheduling factors, including short connection times, missed check-ins, visa status, and more. Advanced system tools repair and re-plan crew rosters accordingly, to maintain operational continuity.

“Airlines are seeking solutions for gaining an edge in a competitive business environment and Jeppesen crew management tools work to reduce operating costs and eliminate inefficiencies,” said Peter Andersson, director, Jeppesen Crew Optimization.

“We look forward to helping Virgin Australia establish and maintain seamless crew operations while they serve destinations around the globe.”

Overall, Jeppesen Crew Tracking integrates with other Jeppesen crew and fleet solutions to provide a full spectrum of scheduling, decision support, change management and modeling capabilities to drive operational airline efficiency. Jeppesen Crew Tracking further enhances efficient operations by detecting potential issues early in the process and creates several recovery options, complete with cost analysis data, to help airlines make the best decision to maintain crew schedules.

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