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Regional Express Improves Cairns Townsville Service

Regional Express (Rex) has today announced the introduction of an improved flightschedule between Cairns and Townsville from 24 October 2016.

Rex has been operating services between Cairns and Townsville since January 2015.

Commenting on the new Rex flight schedule, Rex Queensland State Manager Steve Jones said:

“Rex has listened to government and business customers in both Cairns and Townsville and as a result we have reversed the flight schedule to operate an earlier flight from Cairns to Townsville in the morning, and a later flight from Townsville back to Cairns in the afternoon. We have also retained the ability for customers to undertake a full day’s business in both cities with day-return travel made possible in each direction.”

“Following Virgin Australia’s exit from the Cairns to Townsville route in January 2014, Rex was heavily solicited by businesses and individuals to start a competitive air service so that the prevailing monopolistic pricing could be broken. In response, Rex commenced flights between Cairns and Townsville in early 2015, delivering millions of dollars of travel cost savings to both cities.”

“Rex continues to listen and respond to the needs of its customers, however it does need the full support of both government and business to use the service or risk reverting to a costly monopoly on the Cairns to Townsville route.”

“Rex also calls upon the Queensland Government to review its air travel policy that allows public servants to personally benefit from airline loyalty programs when travelling at the expense of the taxpayer. Rex believes that all government travel should be undertaken under a strict best fare of the day policy in order to ensure the best value for taxpayers and an even playing field that encourages competitive air services throughout the state. This competition is critical to maintaining reasonable airfares in regional areas such as North Queensland”.